A Look at Netellers New Payment Card

Neteller is one of the most universally accepted payment forms with online casinos, and the company has become a well respected, safe and secure money service with which to make deposits. Also fantastic with customer service, the company regularly updates their products and offer emails to customers who want to keep abreast of the latest developments. And in their latest publication Neteller revealed their latest product; the Neosurf prepayment card.

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Brokers Accepting Neteller

Ideal for Instant Transfers

In a bid to make online money transfer as quick and seamless as possible, the new Neosurf prepaid card is set to be extended worldwide. The card will allow customers to instantly transfer funds into their online Neteller accounts before using the money to fund deposits at online casinos slot gam

e online malaysia or make other transactions. As usual, security is paramount, with a PIN being used to safeguard deposits and enable users to quickly transfer money to their electronic wallet.

Purchase Options

Neosurf cards will be available from a range of authorized Neteller retailers. After buying cards, customers simply log into their Neteller account and select the ‘Money In’ or ‘Deposit’ option that is listed in the main menu. A minimum deposit of $30 can be added, and those that want to fund their online casino can use the ‘Make a deposit’ link to quickly and efficiently transfer money.

Step by Step Instructions

With the email revealing the new product, Neteller also explained how the system would work, with a simple number of steps allowing customers quick access to their purchased funds. When depositing money into their online casino account, a 1.5per cent charge will apply, with Neteller once again revealing the deposit range on the screen for customer ease. Clicking ‘Continue’ will take individuals to the second stage when Neteller displays the deposit sum along with reaffirming fee details. Again, clicking ‘Continue’ will confirm the payment, with funds being deposited to into customer’s electronic wallets. On the back of each Neosurf card is a 10 digit PIN which customers must enter into Neteller’s deposit screen in the final stages. Once this is confirmed, funds are available and can be and deposited into online casino accounts, offering gamblers yet another safe and secure way to make payments online.